Words Of Which Rhyme With Flute? (Solution)

Word Rhyme rating Categories
hoot 100 Noun
loot 100 Noun, Verb
lute 100 Noun
mute 100 Adjective


What are the 5 examples of rhyme?

Examples of Rhymes

  • Come on, Little Boy Blue, let your trumpet blare. The sheep are out in the meadow, and the cow is out in the cornfield. Mary, Mary, on the contrary, how is your garden coming along? A row of silver bells, cockle shells, and gorgeous maids all lined up together After running up the hill to get a bucket of water, Jack called out to Jill, who came running after him.

What are some pairs of rhyming words?

Pairs of monosyllabic words

  • A bairn is an infant who has been squelched or belched. A cairn is an adult who has been hacked. A cairn is an adult who has been morphed or dwarfed. A cairn is an infant who has been hacked or morphed.

What English word has the most rhymes?

What is the most rhymable term in the English language, and how did you find out? I suppose the word is “bee.” Bee is rhymed with 937 different words on Rhymezone.com.

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