Who Played Flute On Windy By The Association?

Bud Shank, the legendary jazz reed musician who also recorded the wonderful somewhat out of key flute solo on CA dreamin’, played piccolo on Windy. Bud Shank is well known for his work on the album Windy. As one commenter accurately points out, I/we were out of the studio at the crack of morning and on our way to Virginia to begin a lengthy tour.

Did the Association play their own instruments?

As the decade proceeded, the Association’s popularity with young people waned as a result of their AM radio sound and the fact that they didn’t play their own instruments on those hit singles (they were classically trained musicians, but their labels insisted on L.A.s famous Wrecking Crew of session men anyway).

Who sang the song Wendy?

Two of the band’s original seven members are still active in the band today. While neither has been a member of the band for an extended period of time, current members Jules Alexander, 71, and Jim Yester, 75, were both on the band’s debut album, “And Then… Along Comes the Association,” released in 1966.

What happened to the original members of the association?

The death of bassist Brian Cole on August 2, 1973, as a result of a developing heroin addiction, signaled the beginning of the disintegration of the Association’s original core membership. During this time, Kirkman went away from the music industry, and Jules Alexander founded a band named Bijou, who released one promising single through A M Records.

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How old is Larry Ramos?

The song was listed as the fourth most popular song in 1967 by Billboard. The lead vocals were predominantly done by guitarist Larry Ramos and drummer Russ Giguere (both of whom would go on to sing lead together in the band’s final Top 40 smash, “Time for Livin”).

Who wrote song Wendy?

Having performed with the New Christy Minstrels folk group in the previous year, Ramos was invited to become a member of the Association in 1967, when Alexander left for an Indian tour.

Who played bass for the association?

Rogers grew up in a low-income housing community in Houston. His first band, the Scholars, was formed in 1956, when he was still in high school. A performance of “That Crazy Feeling,” his debut solo record released in 1957, was broadcast on the highly famous music television show American Bandstand.

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