When Was My Flute Made? (Solution)

Flutes have been around since the beginning of time. Some experts believe that a fragment of a cave bear thigh bone with two perforations, discovered in Slovenia in 1995, was part of a flute played by Neanderthals more than 43,000 years ago and that the flute was made of bone. Flute-making was practiced thousands of years ago by the Sumerians and the Egyptians.

How can I tell how old my flute is?

Your flute was created in the year 1980. The “30” prefix to the serial number serves as a determining factor. Using the prefix number + 50, you may determine the date of manufacturing from 1974 to the present. As a result, 30 plus 50 equals 80. (1980).

What is the serial number on a flute?

The serial number of a flute can be located on the back of the body, or in the middle joint of the instrument. They are often found around the foot joint receiver, or towards the top of the body, either on the barrel or near the highest key, depending on the firearm.

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Is my flute nickel or silver?

If any part of a flute is made of silver, it is usually stated right on the flute. Other methods to know are to inquire about the original price, examine the tenons to see if the silver plating has worn away, and examine the flute to see if it is nickel-plated—if the flute is nickel-plated, there is no silver in it.

How can you tell if a flute is silver plated?

Materials for Plating Silver is a precious metal. Silver-plated flutes are heavier in weight and produce a darker tone than nickel-plated flutes. It gives the flute a beautiful, gleaming sheen towards the end. In addition to select student versions, almost all intermediate and professional flutes are silver plated.

Do musical instruments have serial numbers?

A serial number will be etched on the plate that connects the neck to the body of certain instruments. Others will not. The serial number of some versions may be found on the back of the headstock of the instrument. Some older instruments may not provide results because the instrument was created before the capabilities of this website were available.

How good is a Bundy flute?

The Bundy BFL-300 flute is a good deal for a beginner who wants to learn to play flute. The shape of this flute contributes to its ability to generate a sweet, dark tone, while the stainless steel springs aid in keeping it in tune. The silver-plated finish is not only attractive, but it is also extremely long-lasting.

How do you value a flute?

Briefly stated, the proper price for something is one that both the buyer and seller can agree on prior to bidding. (!!) Having said that, a good rule of thumb for pricing used beginning or step-up flutes is 50 percent of the retail price of the instrument. Decide on how much the instrument is presently selling for (for example, $1700), and then change the price up or down based on its condition.

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Where are Armstrong flutes made?

Most major companies have shifted their student flute production to Asia, but Armstrong continues to manufacture its instruments in the United States, at the Conn-Selmer Woodwind Excellence center in Elkhart, Indiana.

What is an M2 flute?

The M2 is a student-level flute that serves as a predicessor to the Gemeinhardt 2SP. It is ideal for any beginning band member. It is silver plated, and it comes with a hardshell case to keep it protected. This flute has been properly cleaned and sterilized, and all of the pads and keys are in fine operating order. It is in excellent condition.

What are good flute brands?

Detailed reviews of the top five professional flutes, as well as the best professional flute brands

  • 1) Flute from the Pearl Quantz Series. 2) Gemeinhardt 32B Flute, made by Gemeinhardt. Yamaha 677H Professional Flutist’s Flute.
  • 4) Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute, made in Germany.
  • 5) The Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Flute.

How much silver is in a flute?

Both the tube and the key system are constructed of solid silver (also known as sterling silver), which has a purity of 92.5 percent. Golden flutes are manufactured of gold in a variety of different purity levels, such as nine-carat, 14-carat, and 18-carat gold, among other metals.

Are flutes pure silver?

Solid Silver flutes are really constructed from an alloy of “Sterling Silver” that comprises 92.5 percent pure silver and generally 7.5 percent copper for strength. Solid Silver flutes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Despite the fact that design is still more essential than material, there is no question that solid silver flutes provide the best tone possible for a flute!

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Is a flute considered a woodwind?

The Woodwinds are a family of instruments. Wood was traditionally used to construct the instruments that make up this family, which lends the group its name. The woodwind family of instruments consists of the piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, E-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, and contrabassoon, which are played in descending order from the highest to the lowest notes produced.

How do I know which flute to buy?

7 suggestions for selecting a beginning flute

  1. Carry out extensive study on the many brands that are available. Be wary of flutes that appear to be too inexpensive…
  2. … However, you should avoid purchasing anything that is not intended for beginners. Maintain adherence to ‘conventional’ requirements. Make sure you have the correct size. A good brand will retain its value over time. Consider the future.

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