What To Do With Grease For A Flute? (Perfect answer)

Wiping the flute with a silver cloth will remove any fine dirt from the instrument if it is too unclean. If it doesn’t work, talk to someone at a musical instrument store about what you should do next. Because the flute’s joints are constructed of fitting metal, it is never a good idea to use cork oil or any other type of grease on them.

What can I use to lubricate my flute?

Flaxseed oil is my favourite cooking oil (which can be found in most health food stores), but if you are unable to find it, almond oil or linseed oil can suffice in its place. When using flaxseed or linseed oil, you must make sure that you thoroughly wipe out the bore since it is a drying oil that will accumulate in the instrument if not removed promptly.

Can I put Vaseline on my flute?

Use of cork grease or vaseline on the flute’s joints should be avoided at all costs. The lubrication of the keys should only be performed by a qualified instrument repair technician. The two connects on the flute (between the headjoint, the body, and the footjoint) don’t require lubrication in and of themselves, although they can become a little tight from time to time.

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What is cork grease used for on a flute?

This product is a tube or jar of grease that you apply to the corks of your woodwind instrument in order to soften the cork and make putting the instrument together a little simpler. If you don’t use cork grease, the corks on your instrument will rapidly get dry and stiff, making it difficult to put the instrument together.

Can you use slide grease on flute?

Over time, applying oil to the flute might actually damage it. When you put your flute together and take it apart, grease can trap microscopic particles that will grind into the metal every time you put it back together. This might cause the tenons to wear out and scrape, necessitating their replacement.

Can you use wd40 on a flute?

2 – Old oil – You’ll need some penetrating oil for this one (something like WD-40). PLEASE DO NOT APPLY OIL TO THE FLUTE!

Do piccolos need cork grease?

2 – Old oil – To do this, you’ll need some penetrating oil, which you can get from your local hardware store (something like WD-40). It is not necessary to spray oil on the flute.

Do flutes need grease?

2 – Old oil – You’ll need some penetrating oil for this (something like WD-40). DO NOT APPLY OIL TO THE FLUTE!

Can I use Vaseline instead of cork grease?

As an alternative to cork grease, petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline), lip balm, and lanolin are commonly used as substitutes. You may also produce your own cork grease by combining beeswax with a plant-based oil such as coconut oil, or by combining tallow with lanolin. A decent cork grease will both protect and lubricate the cork while without causing any harm to your instrument or its components.

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What maintenance does a flute need?

maintenance on a regular basis After you’ve finished playing, wipe away any excess wetness and finger prints with a soft towel. Never clean your flute with silver polish or any other type of cleaning. To clean your flute, soak a towel in “saliva” or rubbing alcohol and wipe it down. To keep your pads clean, avoid eating sweets or chewing gum before you play and never while you are participating.

Can you clean a flute with toothpaste?

Take a tooth brush and some toothpaste and clean the inside of your flute with them. Make care to clean it off with lukewarm water both before and after you use it. Unfortunately, I unintentionally soaked it in 3 percent hydrogen peroxide for an excessive amount of time, resulting in tarnish. The toothpaste, however, really assisted in cleaning it. Mouthwash is what I use to disinfect it.

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