What Is The Name Of The Type Of Flute Ray Thomas Played In The Moody Blues? (Best solution)

He was 76 years old when he passed away. Ray Thomas, a founding member of the Moody Blues, was noted for his flautist work. He also played a variety of other instruments such as the French horn, oboe, piccolo, saxophone, harmonica, and harmonica. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull would go on to become the most spectacular flute-wielding musician in rock history.

What instrument did Ray Thomas play?

He began his musical career as a member of various rock and blues bands in Birmingham, England before forming the Moody Blues in 1964 with Denny Laine as lead singer and guitarist, Mike Pinder on keyboards and Graeme Edge on drums, and Clint Warwick on bass. Thomas played the flute, sang, and wrote a number of Moody Blues songs before joining the band.

What style is Moody Blues?

In 1964, The Moody Blues, a British rock band based in the West Midlands of England, were established. They are widely regarded as the pioneers of a subgenre of rock music known as art rock or classical rock, which combines elements of pop and classical music.

Where is Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues buried?

The funeral for Moody Blues co-founder Ray Thomas was held on Tuesday at Holy Cross Church in Ceredigion, Wales. Thomas died in a car accident in 2009.

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What happened to Ray Thomas Moody Blues?

A struggle with prostate cancer has taken its toll on Ray Thomas, the Moody Blues’ flutist, vocalist, and songwriter. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Surrey, England, on January 4, 2018.

When did Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues died?

In his home in Bradenton, Florida, Graeme Edge, a drummer and co-founder of the British rock band the Moody Blues, passed away on November 11th. He was 80 years old. The death was announced by the band’s leader, Justin Hayward, on the group’s official website.

Who has died from the Moody Blues?

LOS ANGELES (AP) – It has been announced that Graeme Edge, a drummer and founding member of The Moody Blues, has passed away. He was 80 years old. Edge’s death was announced by the band’s leader, Justin Hayward, on the group’s official website on Thursday.

How old is Justin Hayward?

Given his nearly fifty years at the top of the music and entertainment industries, Justin Hayward’s voice is known all over the world and is respected by many others. In his primary role as the main vocalist, lead guitarist, and composer for the Moody Blues, he possesses a lasting skill that has contributed to the definition of the period in which he lived.

What orchestra played with Moody Blues?

‘Days of Future Passed’ [50th Anniversary Vinyl Edition] by The Moody Blues and The London Festival Orchestra is out now (1967)

Who played in the Moody Blues?

Following the dissolution of El Riot, Thomas and keyboardist Mike Pinder joined forces with drummer Graeme Edge, bassist Clint Warwick, and guitarist Denny Laine to form the Moody Blues in 1964.

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