What Do I Do After I Play The Flute In Zelda A Link To? (Solution)

The Flute is used to change the Weathercock in Kakariko Village into the Flying Duck, and it may be found in the village. Following his successful awakening of the Flying Duck, Link may use the flute (in the Light World) to summon the Flying Duck and travel quickly to a variety of destinations across Hyrule.

Where is flute buried Link to the Past?

When the Flute was first discovered, it belonged to a little boy from Kakariko Village who had been warped to the Dark World and turned into a tapir. When Link comes across him in the Dark World, he informs him that he must retrieve his Flute, which was buried beside a stump in the Haunted Grove in the Light World, and return it to him.

How do you call the duck in a link to the past?

The Duck that belonged to the Flute Boy in A Link to the Past is referred to as the Flute Boy’s Bird. The Flute Boy’s Flute, which can be discovered in the Haunted Grove, may be used to summon the Bird.

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How do I get to the swamp in Zelda A Link to the Past?

The Swamp of Evil is a place in the southwestern section of the Dark World that has a large amount of evil. It is, however, inaccessible via the usual overworld map of the Dark World, since the only method to enter is by summoning the bird from the weather vane in Kakariko Village with the flute in the Light World, which can only be done from the Light World.

What is Link’s flute called?

The ocarina is a sort of vessel flute that is played with a wind musical instrument.

How do you get the recorder in Zelda NES?

The Recorder is located on Level 5 of the game’s First Quest, and it is required to beat the game’s boss, Digdogger, in order to complete the quest. Link’s sword is weak to Digdogger when he blows up the Recorder, which causes him to shrink and become vulnerable to Link. This item may be discovered on Level 2 of the Second Quest.

Where is the Haunted Grove in Zelda?

Where can I locate the location of the tomb with flowers? Following your visit to the home, you will be directed to the location of the Pink Ghost’s burial grave. This site is located in the center of the map, north of the Mambo’s Pond location, and between the Ukuku Prarie location.

How do I get magic powder in a link to the past?

Bringing the Mushroom from the Lost Woods to Syrup is how Link obtains the Magic Powder in A Link to the Past: A Link to the Past. She is just outside of the Magic Shop, and she is looking at me. In the event that Link returns to the shop after a period of time, he will discover a bag of Magic Powder near the Hooded Shopkeeper.

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How do you beat Swamp Palace?

To defeat them, you can utilize Bombos, Ether, or Quake as weapons. In the northern part of the chamber, there is a cracked wall where you may plant a bomb, which will open a door that leads to a room that has several extra goods, including two recovery hearts. Re-enter the water and swim all the way to the far left side of the chamber, where you will find yourself.

How do you beat the second dungeon boss in Link to the Past?

Arrghus is the boss of the Swamp Palace, the second dungeon in the Dark World and the second dungeon in the Dark World. Arrghus is guarded by a ring of miniature Arrgi that encircles its entire body. Make use of the Hookshot to take out the Arrgi and ultimately vanquish them. Then, when they’ve all been defeated, Arrghus will fly off the screen and attempt to land on Link before moving about the area.

How do I get to the 2nd dungeon in a link to the past?

Things to do in the area before visiting the Swamp Palace Enter the building, move the blocks out of the way, and turn on the water by pulling the switch on the right-hand side of the structure. Once it is completed, exit the watergate and return to the Dark World via the Magic Mirror before entering the Watergate Dungeon for the last time.

Is it hard to play ocarina?

The ocarina is a wonderful first instrument to learn on. Easy to learn, tough to master, and relatively affordable to acquire, it is a good investment. Because of its straightforward structure and shape, the ocarina is an excellent beginning point for anybody who wishes to learn to play and read music on a traditional instrument.

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