My Throat Tightens When I Play Flute? (Question)

Because your throat is attempting to assist you in blowing the flute with quicker air, you are experiencing this difficulty. You have a little of flabby abdominal airspeed, and as a last resort, you tighten your neck muscles in an attempt to generate quicker abdominal airspeed.

Can playing flute cause sore throat?

Over the course of several decades, experts have observed that persons who perform with wind instruments are more likely to suffer from persistent sore throats and airway irritation. There has been some speculation that saliva and bacteria may accumulate in the mouthpieces and then be carried further into the instruments by the wind.

What is embouchure for flute?

It is the hole in the head piece that we blow over to produce music, as well as the lip plate that surrounds it, that constitutes the embouchure on the flute. Large rectangular holes in the higher register of the flute provide a more responsive top register, whereas small oval holes produce a more responsive bottom register.

What is throat anxiety?

Some people experience tightness in the throat or the sensation that something is caught in their throat as a result of stress or worry. This sensation is referred known as globus sensation, and it has nothing to do with eating. However, it is possible that there is an underlying reason.

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Is throat tightening a symptom of anxiety?

A panic episode is associated with feelings of tension and worry. One of the basic indicators of a panic attack is the sense that your throat is constricting, sometimes to the point that it is difficult to breathe.

What causes throat anxiety?

The bottom line is as follows: The hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released by the body when you are feeling nervous. In addition to increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, these hormones can also lead you to take quick, shallow breaths via your lips, which is dangerous. It is also possible for your muscles to stiffen up. This might result in a painful or constricting throat.

Why does my throat hurt when I play trumpet?

The neck is one of the most common places where people experience excessive stress. When we play the trumpet, we make sound by blowing into the instrument’s mouthpiece. Some pupils, on the other hand, may seek to control the air at a position behind the lips, usually in the throat, which is not recommended.

Can you play an instrument with a sore throat?

If you have a sore throat or are coughing up mucus, I wouldn’t recommend playing. My recommendation is to sterilize your MP3 player and reeds every day or so till you feel better.

Can I play an instrument with laryngitis?

No. Playing a wind instrument does not need the use of your voice cords at all. There’s nothing to be concerned about.

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