Link To The Past What Do I Do With The Flute? (Question)

The Flute is used to change the Weathercock in Kakariko Village into the Flying Duck, and it may be found in the village. Following his successful awakening of the Flying Duck, Link may use the flute (in the Light World) to summon the Flying Duck and travel quickly to a variety of destinations across Hyrule.

Does the flute work in the dark world Link to the past?

Link uses the Flute at the end of his mission to summon the bird, which then transports him to the Pyramid, where he will face Ganon. This is the only occasion that the Flute has any impact in the Dark World, and it occurs towards the end of the game.

How do I get the Magic Flute in Link to the Past?

Make use of the Magic Mirror to enter the World of Light. The Flute may be obtained by digging up a certain flower patch that is located west of the tree and exactly behind the stump that Flute Boy is standing on. You’ll locate the Flute if you dig up that flower patch a little farther.

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What does the flute do in Zelda 2?

Make use of: The Flute is the only thing that will quiet the River Devil, allowing Link to gain entry into Hyrule’s Kasuto Region. It may be accessed by pressing B on the Map screen.

What does the flute do in Zelda NES?

Make use of: The Flute is the only thing that will quiet the River Devil, allowing Link to gain entry into Hyrule’s Kasuto region. On the Map screen, hit B to access it.

Who do you give the flute to?

Carla has finished making the flute, and she is standing right next to it. She has the option of selling it to Anne, giving it to Bob, or keeping it in her own and doing nothing with it. It is all up to her. However, it is preferable to sell it or give it to Anne so that all three of you can experience the pleasure of music together.

What is Link’s flute called?

The ocarina is a sort of vessel flute that is played with a wind musical instrument.

How do you get to the third dungeon in Link to the Past?

Go to the Lost Woods in the Light World and go all the way west, then south, until you reach your destination. You’ll come out of the trees alongside several wooden posts, which will indicate your location. Using your Hammer, pound the stakes into the ground, and then pick up the little green rock on the opposite side to reveal a warp back to the Dark World.

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Where is the whistle in Zelda?

The Recorder, often known as the Whistle, is a weapon in The Legend of Zelda that may be used to record audio. It is a flute-shaped instrument that may be used to play the Warping Theme while incorporating a variety of magical effects into the performance. The Recorder is located on Level 5 of the game’s First Quest, and it is required to beat the game’s boss, Digdogger, in order to complete the quest.

How do you get the cape in a link to the past?

A Connection to the Past Located under one of the gravestones in the Graveyard north of Hyrule Castle, the Cape is a useful item. Performing a Dash Attack into the grave surrounded by dark colored rocks is the only way Link can enter inside the cave and out the other side.

Where is the 5th dungeon in Legend of Zelda?

Level 5, sometimes referred to as “The Lizard,” is the fifth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is located at the top of the Lost Hills, close to Death Mountain, and is difficult to find. Some of Link’s most formidable adversaries, such as Gibdo and Pols Voice, are first encountered in this area of the game. The recorder is the most important object to look for in this area.

How do you beat Digdogger in Zelda?

During the course of The Legend of Zelda, a Digdogger arrives as the level’s boss. In order to fight it, Link must use the Recorder to reduce the creature down to a miniature replica of its original size. After that, Link may defeat Digdogger with his Sword.

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Where are the 7 Magic containers Zelda 2?

Locations of Magic Containers

  • Western Hyrule may be discovered in a cave just south of the North Castle.
  • Western Hyrule can be located in a hidden cave accessible by smashing Spectacle Rock with the Hammer.
  • Western Hyrule can be found in a cave just south of the North Castle.
  • Eastern Hyrule may be discovered on Maze Island in a hidden grotto.
  • Eastern Hyrule can be located in the Hidden Town of Kasuto.

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