In The Magic Flute, What Does The Queen Of Night Ask Her Daughter To Do In Her Famous Aria? (Solution found)

Most notably, the Queen of the Night’s Act II aria, sung in wrath as she orders daughter Pamina to kill Sarastro, is filled with virtuoso vocal fireworks and sprinkled with rare high Fs, making it one of the most recognized arias in the world. The role was developed specifically for Mozart’s sister-in-law, who possessed a vocal range that could reach the stratosphere!

What does the Queen of the Night ask of her daughter Pamina?

According to her, her daughter Pamina has been taken by the wicked magician Sarastro, robbing her of all she has worked for in life. Her promise to him is that she will make him the husband of her loving daughter if he agrees to release her.

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What does the Queen of the Night want her daughter Pamina to do to Sarastro?

Because of her husband’s death, the Queen of the Night believes that all of her power has been taken away from her, and that she intends to reclaim the Circle of the Sun for herself in order to reclaim her former grandeur. She then hands Pamina a knife and tells her that she must murder Sarastro or else she would disown her and curse her for the rest of her days and forever.

What does the Queen of the Night want her daughter to do?

When the Queen informs her daughter that she must do more than only preserve Tamino physically, she also warns her that she must persuade him to return to the Queen’s realm: “[The prince] would be lost unless you persuade him to depart” (2.8).

What magical instrument does the Queen of the Night give to the prince Tamino?

Papageno is warned not to lie any more by the women after the Queen has left and the padlock is removed from his lips by them. They provide Tamino with a magical flute that has the ability to transform sadness into pleasure. They give Papageno magic bells as protection and tell him to accompany Tamino on his journey.

What happens to the Queen of the Night at the end of The Magic Flute?

The Queen of the Night, her three women, and Monostatos launch an attack on the temple, only to be defeated and expelled from the land. Sarastro bestows blessings on Pamina and Tamino as everyone joins in celebrating the triumph of bravery, virtue, and understanding.

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What is the plot of Mozart’s Magic Flute?

In a faraway kingdom, Tamino, a prince who has become lost, is being followed by a gigantic monster. Fortunately, three strange ladies arrive and slay the monster, as well as hand Tamino an image that depicts Pamina, a young princess who he immediately falls in love with.

Which character sings Queen of the Night?

When it comes to Mozart’s The Magic Flute, the Queen of the Night is a fantastically scary character with whom most sopranos have a love-hate relationship, to say the least. Her aria ‘Der Hölle Rache,’ often known as the Queen of the Night aria, achieves an astoundingly high Mariah Carey-level F6 above the top C, which is a world record for her.

What does Queen of the Night flower symbolize?

Epiphyllum, often known as the “Queen of the Night,” is a member of the Cactus family of plants. People often utilized the epiphyllum’s brief blossoming period as a metaphor for how wonderful things don’t persist because of the epiphyllum’s metaphorical quality of short flowering periods.

Is Queen of the Night evil?

She is a villainous sorceress who appears in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, and she wants her daughter to thwart the Masonic/Enlightenment-type figure Sorastro, who is threatening to destroy the world.

What is the story behind the Queen of the Night aria?

During a rage-filled outburst, the Queen of the Night thrusts a dagger into the hand of her daughter Pamina and orders her to assail Sarastro, the Queen’s rival, or else she will disown and curse Pamina, according to the story.

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Why is The Magic Flute Masonic?

What’s the deal with the magic flute? The Masonic belief that music has the ability to transcend human fear and hatred is a frequent subject. In conclusion, society is enlightened via the Masonic Order and directed by the beauty of music, which is true for both men and women, according to the story’s morale.

Who is the Queen of the Night in Magic Flute?

To receive updates when new ballet and opera clips are posted, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Visit for information on the Royal Opera House, including how to purchase tickets and how to learn more about it. —- ‘Der Hölle Rache’, the classic Queen of the Night aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, is performed by soprano Diana Damrau, who is joined by Dorothea Röschmann in the role of Pamina.

Who did Mozart write Queen of the Night for?

Hear, gods of vengeance, the mother’s oath is being heard!! This aria, which is set in the scary key of D minor, is particularly remarkable for the incredibly broad and challenging two-octave vocal range that it requires. Josepha Hofer, Mozart’s sister-in-law, was the inspiration for the composition.

What language is The Magic Flute in?

The Magic Flute is a German opera. A German text by Austrian actor and theatrical producer Emanuel Schikaneder is set to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera Die Zauberflöte, which is performed in two acts.

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