In Skyrim Se What Do I Do With Pantea’s Flute?

Reward. Returning Pantea’s Flute to her will offer the Dragonborn a one-point bonus to all of their magic talents for the duration of their journey (Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion and Restoration).

Who do I give Pantea’s flute to in Skyrim?

It is awarded to the Dragonborn once they have achieved the status of full member of the Bards College. As long as the Dragonborn already has the flute and has spoken with Pantea Ateia, they will be able to quickly give it back to her.

Where do I return Pantea’s flute?

Talk to Pantea at the Bards College about your options. Travel to Hob’s Fall Cave in order to recover her lost flute. Make your way back to Pantea to get your prize.

What is the flute used for in Skyrim?

FormID. A Flute is a musical instrument used by bards across Skyrim to perform their songs. Because the Dragonborn is unable to play any musical instruments, it has minimal monetary worth and is mainly suitable for selling to merchants or as a decorative item in one’s house.

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Can you save Larina?

It is difficult to save Larina from her situation. Her sacrifice has been written in stone and cannot be averted.

Who is Arondil Skyrim?

Arondil is a conjurer, necromancer, and necrophile of the High Elf race. He used to reside in Dawnstar, where he was exploring procedures for reanimating the dead, and he would frequently lose himself in fantasies of having covert rendezvous with some of the local females. Arondil’s four-part journal has piqued the curiosity of a potential buyer.

How do I play the flute in Skyrim?

Learn how to play the flute by watching this video.

  1. To play a note, press the A key, the Up arrow, the Down arrow, the Left arrow, or the Right arrow. To perform a flute melody from Skyrim, hold down the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Where do I use Olavas token?

If, after receiving their reading from Olava, the Dragonborn decides to put the Token in a nearby barrel, you will be able to recover it after the mission has been completed. They may then sell it or use it as a decorative item in their house.

Where does Ranmir go?

Ranmir is a Nord who lives in the city of Winterhold. He lives with his sister Birna at Birna’s Oddments, which they built themselves. He spends his days in The Frozen Hearth, where he may drink away his sorrows.

Can you use instruments in Skyrim?

In the game, you can pick up and play any instrument that you see fit, even the war horns. In order to play a song, you must first equip a musical skill from your spell menu. To activate the ability, press the yell key on your keyboard.

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What can you do with a lute in Skyrim?

The Dragonborn are unable to utilize lutes, however the instruments can be placed in their inventory and used as decorative items in their player-owned residences instead.

What instruments are used in Skyrim soundtrack?

Because, after all, it incorporates a powerful and catchy tune with a complete ensemble of instruments, including violin, lute, drums, and flute.

Where can I find Isabelle Rolaine?

She is a Breton sorceress who is discovered dead outside the entrance of Hob’s Fall Cave, where she was a sorceress in the past. In real life, she was in a relationship with Ranmir, a Nord who lived in Winterhold. She is dressed in a belted tunic with a pair of boots on her right foot.

Where is Hob’s Fall Cave Skyrim?

Overview. Hob’s Fall Cave may be found in the northern region of Skyrim. It may be found by heading to the south-east of Dawnstar or the south-west of Winterhold, respectively. This cave is tucked away in a thin gap of ice, making it difficult to find.

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