How To Get The Flute In Zelda A Link To The Past? (Best solution)

The Flute may be obtained by digging up a certain flower patch that is located west of the tree and exactly behind the stump that Flute Boy is standing on. You’ll locate the Flute if you dig up that flower patch a little farther.

Where is the Flute buried Zelda?

When the Flute was first discovered, it belonged to a little boy from Kakariko Village who had been warped to the Dark World and turned into a tapir. When Link comes across him in the Dark World, he informs him that he must retrieve his Flute, which was buried beside a stump in the Haunted Grove in the Light World, and return it to him.

How do you get the whistle in Zelda?

To whistle and summon your horse, you simply press the down button on the d-pad. However, keep in mind that your horse must be close in order for it to function and for it to approach towards you.

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Where do you dig in Link to the Past?

The Treasure Field is a place in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that may be found in the game. In the Dark World, it is a big outdoor gambling hall where Link may use his Shovel to dig for rewards. It is located on the south-western edge of the Village of Outcasts and is contained behind a fenced-in boneyard; nonetheless, it is not accessible from the outside world.

What is Link’s flute called?

The ocarina is a sort of vessel flute that is played with a wind musical instrument.

How do you make a link whistle?

Squeaking Link’s whistle is activated by pushing down on the control pad, and it is available right away. When Link sings Epona’s Song, he will cup his hands around his mouth and whistle the sounds.

Is the Flute in A Link to the Past The Ocarina of Time?

The Flute was originally owned by the Flute Boy, as seen in A Link to the Past. A little boy named the Flute Boy headed off in pursuit of the Golden Power, never to be seen again. When Link speaks with the young boy in the Dark World, he offers him a Shovel and instructs him to locate his Flute, which he does.

How does the Flute work in Legend of Zelda?

The Recorder, often known as the Whistle, is a weapon in The Legend of Zelda that may be used to record audio. It is a flute-shaped instrument that may be used to play the Warping Theme while incorporating a variety of magical effects into the performance. Link’s sword is weak to Digdogger when he blows up the Recorder, which causes him to shrink and become vulnerable to Link.

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How do I get magic powder in a link to the past?

Bringing the Mushroom from the Lost Woods to Syrup is how Link obtains the Magic Powder in A Link to the Past: A Link to the Past. She is just outside of the Magic Shop, and she is looking at me. In the event that Link returns to the shop after a period of time, he will discover a bag of Magic Powder near the Hooded Shopkeeper.

How do I get the hammer in a link to the past?

A break in the wall on the right side of the room, just north of the little key treasure chest, may be found. Place a bomb in the hole and blow it open. Keep on until you reach the large treasure box, where you will find the dungeon item, the Magic Hammer.

How do I get to thieves Town Link to the Past?

Simply travel to Thieves’ Town, which is the fourth dungeon in the Dark World, and you will be rewarded. The gargoyle statue may be found at the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World, which can be found by traveling to that location. In front of a doorway, the Gargoyle appears to be carrying something in his hands. Pulling on it will cause it to break off, allowing you to enter through the entrance.

Is it hard to play Ocarina?

The ocarina is a wonderful first instrument to learn on. Easy to learn, tough to master, and relatively affordable to acquire, it is a good investment. Because of its straightforward structure and shape, the ocarina is an excellent beginning point for anybody who wishes to learn to play and read music on a traditional instrument.

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How do you get to the third dungeon in Link to the Past?

Go to the Lost Woods in the Light World and go all the way west, then south, until you reach your destination. You’ll come out of the trees alongside several wooden posts, which will indicate your location. Using your Hammer, pound the stakes into the ground, and then pick up the little green rock on the opposite side to reveal a warp back to the Dark World.

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