How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Flute? (TOP 5 Tips)

The cost of professional cleaning a flute will typically be approximately $50 every few months, depending of how frequently it is used. The cost can vary depending on the location, the condition of the flute, and the musical instrument technician, but in most cases it will be around $50.

How often should a flute be serviced?

Assuming typical use (i.e., how much it is played) and care, we recommend that you get your flute serviced (also known as a “clean-oil-adjust” or “COA” or yearly maintenance) once a year (environment, and if you clean it each time you play it).

Why is my flute turning brown?

The corrosion causes the flutes to turn brown. The tarnish on a flute is the consequence of a chemical reaction occurring between the silver of the flute and the numerous substances with which it comes into contact over time. Tarnish on a flute is not an issue that has to be addressed immediately, and it will not have a substantial impact on the sound of a flute.

How do you remove tarnish from a flute?

To clean a tarnished flute, begin by wiping it down with a silver polishing cloth, followed by rubbing the region with an anti-tarnish silver polish applied with a microfiber cloth until the tarnish gradually vanishes.

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Why is my flute turning black?

What is the source of tarnish? The exposure of silver to sulfur results in a tarnish that is very dark, nearly black in appearance. When there is a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the environment, silver creates a thin coating of silver sulfide that is dark in color. It is possible for silver sulfide to develop on the surface of your flute, causing the silver to darken.

Do flutes need to be cleaned?

Cleaning the instrument’s surface by removing dirt and grime It is important to practice with a flute on a daily basis in order to avoid discolouration. If black stains occur on the surface of the flute that cannot be removed with a polishing cloth alone, a silver cloth and/or silver polish, both of which are available separately, may be beneficial.

How long does a flute last?

So, how long does a flute have a shelf life? With careful maintenance, the majority of flutes will live up to thirteen years. Of course, components may need to be updated from time to time, but for the most part, they will survive for decades. Most flutes do not even require substantial overhauls such as metal repairs for at least ten years after they are purchased.

What maintenance does a flute need?

maintenance on a regular basis After you’ve finished playing, wipe away any excess wetness and finger prints with a soft towel. Never clean your flute with silver polish or any other type of cleaning. To clean your flute, soak a towel in “saliva” or rubbing alcohol and wipe it down. To keep your pads clean, avoid eating sweets or chewing gum before you play and never while you are participating.

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How many pads are on a flute?

A. There are 16 pads on almost all contemporary flutes. These products are not “one-size-fits-all.”

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