How Much Does Is Cost To Repad A Flute? (Question)


Service Estimate of Price
Full Repad $265
Adjustment & Budget Repad $225
Adjustment & Partial Repad $160
Pad Replacement w/ Adjustment *$8.00


Can I Repad my own flute?

Remove a few adhesive pellets from the flute pad cup and heat them just enough to melt the pellets, but not more. Once the flute pad cup is clean, repeat the process with another few adhesive pellets. Allow the replacement flute pad to adjust itself to the correct level over the tone hole. If necessary, use a pad slick or similar tiny, flat piece of metal to make minor adjustments to the pad.

How much does it cost to have a flute serviced?

The cost of professional cleaning a flute will typically be approximately $50 every few months, depending of how frequently it is used. The cost can vary depending on the location, the condition of the flute, and the musical instrument technician, but in most cases it will be around $50.

How good is a Bundy flute?

The Bundy BFL-300 flute is a good deal for a beginner who wants to learn to play flute. The shape of this flute contributes to its ability to generate a sweet, dark tone, while the stainless steel springs aid in keeping it in tune. The silver-plated finish is not only attractive, but it is also extremely long-lasting.

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How much does a Gemeinhardt flute cost?

The cost is $989.00. This Gemeinhardt flute is the world’s most popular student flute, with over a million sold each year!

How often should a flute be serviced?

Assuming typical use (i.e., how much it is played) and care, we recommend that you get your flute serviced (also known as a “clean-oil-adjust” or “COA” or yearly maintenance) once a year (environment, and if you clean it each time you play it).

Can you use Vaseline on flute?

Use of cork grease or vaseline on the flute’s joints should be avoided at all costs. The lubrication of the keys should only be performed by a qualified instrument repair technician. The two connects on the flute (between the headjoint, the body, and the footjoint) don’t require lubrication in and of themselves, although they can become a little tight from time to time.

Are older flutes better?

As a result of how the flute is configured, the materials from which it is constructed, the mechanism, and the various other components that we have, they do not become more valuable or of greater quality as they age. So, just so you’re aware, an ancient flute is not always a better flute.

How do you soften a flute pad?

Place a sheet of soft absorbent paper underneath the pad (cigarette papers work nicely for this). Hold the pad closed onto the paper for a few seconds, then release the key and carefully lift the paper away from the pad. Test and retest as many times as necessary.

Do flutes get tuned?

The tuning of the flute is accomplished by extending or shortening the instrument, which is accomplished by altering the distance between the blowing hole and the top finger hole on the instrument’s body. Most flutes are equipped with a tuning slide, which makes this task simple. Pushing the slide in raises the pitch and makes the note higher, while moving it out lowers the pitch and makes the sound lower.

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How long does it take to get a flute serviced?

If the issue is severe, it might take anything from 15 minutes to more than two hours to make adjustments, depending on the type of flute or piccolo being used. The COA process takes at least 1.5 hours and can take as much as four hours, even if the pads are not replaced.

How long does flute pads last?

Flutuate pads have a lifespan of 3-6 years, depending on how often you do maintenance on them. As a reminder, make sure your flute is clean and free of debris, and perform regular maintenance to extend the life of your flute pads and flute.

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