How Do You Know If Artley Flute Is Good? (Best solution)

A band or performer that wants to add a gloomy tone to their song will benefit from the use of Artley flutes. It has never been damaged, dented, or, to be honest, scratched (although it has been dropped a few times) and has never had a single difficulty playing a note other than due to human mistake, which is rare.

Are artley flutes any good?

Because of the high level of craftsmanship, the quality was frequently compared to that of Haynes and Powell flutes from the same time period. It was really created to be a direct competition to Haynes, thus it is not your usual Artley for students.

What is the value of an Artley flute?

Flute Artley 17-0, made in England A quick search on Google indicates prices ranging from $500 to $600 for solid silver, $350 for a solid silver head joint with a plated body, and $150 for plated.

Are all artley flutes silver?

Regarding the Artley flute The Artley Wilkins flute is a silver flute made by Artley Wilkins (not plated like a student model). Flutes labeled as “solid silver,” on the other hand, are not entirely made of silver. If it’s sterling silver, the silver content is 92.5 percent silver at the most. Sterling silver flutes are usually (but not always) marked with the word “Sterling Silver.”

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What should I look for in a beginner flute?

Beginner flutes of excellent quality should be simple to play and lightweight, with the ability to endure bumps and falls during use. In contrast, step-up flutes, professional flutes, and other similar instruments have been built for players who are already proficient in the flute’s repertoire.

Where is the serial number located on an Artley flute?

The serial number is 2081, and it can be found on the head and center area of the body. In any of the passages, there are no additional numbers on the flute other than 1.

Are Selmer Flutes good?

Selmer makes reasonable student and intermediate level flutes in the United States (they are owned by Steinway), however, as Spaw points out, they are more renowned for their saxes than for their flutes. Selmer is owned by Steinway. It is true that these are respectable instruments at the level for which they were designed. I have serviced a couple in the past.

Does artley make flutes?

Artley became a popular product for school band programs as well as a well-established and well-recognized professional line of products as a result of an invention that made it possible to produce the instrument at a lower cost. Hube and his cousin Don formed a partnership and developed a line of flutes that is still in production today.

What are good flute brands?

Detailed reviews of the top five professional flutes, as well as the best professional flute brands

  • Flute: 1) Pearl Quantz Series
  • 2) Gemeinhardt 32B
  • 3) Yamaha 677H Professional Flute
  • 4) Gemeinhardt Model 3OB
  • 5) Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Flute
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Are artley clarinets good?

The fact that they are quite utilitarian in design and that the build quality isn’t spectacular doesn’t mean that they are awful instruments. They are very strong, they have a reasonable tone and intonation, and they are especially well suited for players with little hands. A used Artley is also a much better option than a brand new CSO in terms of cost. Regarding the ARTLEY CLARINET.

How can I tell how old my flute is?

Your flute was created in the year 1980. The “30” prefix to the serial number serves as a determining factor. Using the prefix number + 50, you may determine the date of manufacturing from 1974 to the present. As a result, 30 plus 50 equals 80. (1980).

Is nickel or silver better for flute?

Nickel, which is lighter in weight than the majority of other metal, provides a sound that is sharp and bright. Silver plated flutes are heavier in weight than nickel plated flutes and provide a darker tone than nickel plated flutes. It gives the flute a beautiful, gleaming sheen towards the end.

Do flutes hold their value?

You will also receive excellent value for your money, and because of their reputation, they will retain their worth pretty well, making them a smart investment for resale if you decide to update your flute.

Does a more expensive flute sound better?

The response is a resounding NO, NO, NO. Players with a strong tone and overall tone control are more likely to use more costly flutes, which are built for more advanced players. Despite the fact that these professional flutes are typically difficult to operate at first, a competent player quickly learns how to use the flute successfully.

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How long does a flute last?

So, how long does a flute have a shelf life? With careful maintenance, the majority of flutes will live up to thirteen years. Of course, components may need to be updated from time to time, but for the most part, they will survive for decades. Most flutes do not even require substantial overhauls such as metal repairs for at least ten years after they are purchased.

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