Subcontrabass flute

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Subcontrabass flute demo



SUBCONTRABASS FLUTE IN C “CROWN”………….€ 11,000.- Special offer!

6167185456_7fd5d9b984_bCompass:  c-subcontra – A’ (more than 3                                                         octaves!


This is really a lot of flute. Tube length is about 5 meters. For flute players it is a special experience to go as low as the string bass! Imagine what it does to a flute choir to have this base to it! This instrument will be much louder than you think.

Although the flute was designed to be an ensemble instrument it was immediately discovered by various solo artists who saw the merits for their musical purposes.



Compass                     c-subcontra – A’ (more than 3 octaves!)                                                                         

Headpiece, bends and taper, mechanism:     metal,                                                                   silverplated.

Body:                                                   PolyPropyleen.


This instrument meets the full metal and full plastic versions in the middle. The sound quality is almost as good as the metal flute. The body is in PolyPropyleen, an extremely sturdy kind of plastic. 

SUBCONTRABASS FLUTE IN C “TIARA”………………….from € 3,800.-


Compass                               c-subcontra – E’ (3 octave +)                                                                                                             
Headpiece                                            PVC and metal
Body                                                      PP (Polypropylene)
Mechanism                                          brass (silverplating                                                                                        optional)

To keep costs as low as possible choose only those options that you really want.

Options:    Trillkeys                                         € 250, –

                   Keymechanism silverplated          € 700, –                                   (as shown  left)

                                                  Flight case                                   € 400, –                                                                  (Strong, wheels etc. If you don’t need this option                                                      the flute will come in a very simple wooden box.)

This mega flute has been designed to be an alternative for other expensive and heavy flutes. To be able to produce these very low notes (as low as 33 Hz.), the tube length is more than 5 meters. Using plastics makes a rather light flute (only 7 kilos) and enables a quick and cheap production. At the same time the PP appears to produce quite a big tone. On this flute low C is surprisingly easy to play (after the obvious period of practicing). It certainly does make an impression on stage!