Jelle Hogenhuis

After graduating as a building engineer (1975) Jelle Hogenhuis decided to turn to music. He studied classical flute at the Groningen Conservatory (Holland) with Peter van Munster (1980) and Composition with Willem F. Bon. (Dutch Composition Prize 1980).

Besides being a fluteteacher he has been a freelance player and a composer. Among his works as a (modern-classical) composer there are pieces for small ensembles as well as some symfonic works and two short operas. For his pupils he sometimes composed and arranged in jazzy or poppy styles.

For a period of 10 years he was one of the members of the Groningen Flute Quartet. Experiences in this ensemble were the root of developments to follow later. As a director of large flute ensembles Hogenhuis had ample opportunity to test newly developed flutes. Ensemble flutes demanded a new approach. Thanks to a fully developed low section flutechoirs from all over the world now have access to the same range as the string ensemble.