Contrabass flute

metal and PVC, 12-toneFull metal, 12-toneFull metal, 24-tonecontra TIARA






Contrabass flute demo

Other soundbytes:

The contrabass flute was designed to perform as a solo instrument as well as a bass instrument in choirs. Important condition for this is that the flute plays well in the bottom register, that it produces more decibels than other flutes. To achieve this the diameter of the flute is wider than average. Still there is a very nice 3rd octave and wide range.



  • Contrabass flute – “CROWN”           € 7,000.-
contrabass flute, metal
Compass                    c-contra – E” (3 octaves + third)



  • Contrabass flute – DIADEM                  € 4,800.-


CONTRABASS FLUTE IN C – 24 TONES  (microtones)


  • Contrabass flute – “CROWN-quart”            € 8,000.-

Compass                    c-contra – E”
     – A full quarter-tone instrument
     – 2 open keys, other quarter-steps with extra keys
     – Still easy to play the traditional way.
For all contrabass flutes, it is possible to add a B-extension.    € 500.-
Microphone (internal)  € 200.-





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