Bass Flute

Bass flute-RAM1



Bass flute-seven2







Bass flute in C

Compass                            c – E”’
Body & headpiece            silverplated


A perfect flute for those who want both aspects of ensemble playing and solo playing.

Now also open hole bassflute! 

The pictures show bass flutes with different angles. The flute can be carried the regular way, horizontally, but also very comfortably with both hands in a lower position. This makes bassplaying less fatigueing. Band players, who will mostly be playing sitting down, will probably prefer the bend with wider angle. This allows a very convenient position, using a saxophone cord.

Bass flute, boreWith its wide bore it is a louder instrument than average. It could easily replace two (more expensive) instruments. The bore of the tube is slightly different from regular flutes. This makes a very regular tube with very low toneholes. Therefore the body is in one piece.

Because of its special qualities, the warm sound, easy attack and big low register, solo players appear to like the instrument as well as band players.